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Opening Hours

Sunday 11:00am–4:30pm

Monday 10:30am–5:30pm

Tuesday 10:30am–5:30pm

Wednesday 10:30am–5:30pm

Thursday 10:30am–5:30pm

Friday 10:30am–5:30pm

Saturday 10:30am–5:30pm

In 2005 we opened our first Ethical Health and Beauty shop. Tarifa Green was established in the heart of the Moorish old town. The shop was a great success with the local community and the beautiful, plant-based products became a popular natural alternative to help protect and revive skin from natures beautiful but harsh conditions.

Children’s education brought us back to the UK in 2010. Now based at Camber Sands beach, with historic Rye on our doorstep, there were many parallels with Tarifa, and the new business plan to follow on from Tarifa Green started to take shape. Founder Lawrence, with his background in business and design started to create the WiDEYE brand. The key belief was that natural, ethical beauty products could and should be affordable, gender neutral and appeal to all age groups.

With our roots firmly planted at the beach, the WiDEYE dream was born in Rye when we opened our first UK store and production unit in 2015.


Being close to the sea is essential for us and our dream is to open more stores in brilliant, British coastal locations to spread the love of WiDEYE. This dream started to become a reality in 2018 when the opportunity to open stores in Bournemouth and Brighton came around.


Our locations reflect our passion for an active lifestyle and the environment. Each place is wildly popular for watersports and each natural environment carries endless inspiration for our products.

Phone Number 07484 064203

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